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Carpet Dent removal

Watch my quick video on how to remove carpet dents in 30 seconds.

dirty carpet health ft

Keep you and your family healthy. Get your carpets professionally steam cleaned.

DIY carpet cleaning

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a carpet owner looking for ways to maintain it. Carpet cleaning is an essential component of maintaining the look and feel of your carpet. It not only keeps your carpet spick and span but also increases its lifespan.  Carpet or rug cleaning is necessary but should …

pest control cockroach2

Is there a best time to do pest control in Queensland?  We hear this question pretty regularly at Just Perfect Home Services. Home and building owners want the best protection for their property, so it makes sense to maximise the bang for your buck.  The answer can go one of …


Running a business is a busy time. And keeping the place looking fresh is another stress heaped on top. The good news is that commercial carpet cleaners are always ready to lend a hand. A professional cleaner has the tools, skills and experience to get your office looking cleaner than …

dog carpet cleaning urine

Aussies are an animal-loving nation and most households have a pet. Having a pet has great benefits for a person and a family as a whole. But keeping a pet has some downsides as well, which includes them urinating on your furniture or carpets by accident. Aside from the unpleasant …